Moira Connolly

Moira qualified in Medicine from Queens University Belfast and initially trained as a GP in Edinburgh before switching to psychiatry training in 1989. A Consultant Psychiatrist since 1996, in a medical manager’s role since 2003 she has held posts as Clinical Director for North West Glasgow Mental Health Services, and Lead Clinician for Physical Healthcare in Mental Health Services.

Moira was seconded to Scottish Government for 3 years from 2011 as Principal Medical Officer (Mental Health) to work on Access Targets for Psychological Therapies and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Scotland’s Mental Health Strategy 2011-2014, and the most recent Suicide Prevention Strategy. Alongside this work she championed the use of health informatics to improve clinical care and service delivery.

Throughout her career Moira’s enjoyment of teaching students from across the NHS workforce – potential and actual - has never waned, and she remains committed to the principle that educational opportunities should translate into access to work and be an enjoyable source of personal development at all life stages. When a student she took up running to keep fit and still uses it to unwind and think creatively.

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