Ambitious for Glasgow, Ambitious for Learners, Ambitious for Children

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The Glasgow College region is perfectly placed to deliver the professional training needed to support the Scottish Government’s pledge to expand the provision of free early learning and childcare.  We are already implementing an ambitious and collaborative response to the need for more early years specialists in the Glasgow region.

We are working strategically to: 

•increase the volume, range and flexibility of college learning opportunities;

•align college training delivery to local authority and private sector childcare provision and; 

•strengthen vocational pathways from school and other employment

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But it’s not just about increasing numbers, our strategy is an inclusive, effective and creative reply to the demand for more trained staff. 

We are building an early years workforce to reflect and support this region’s diverse population by recruiting men and women at every career stage and from all our communities. 

The scale and speed of this expansion has generated a need to develop the workforce at all levels; from new entrants to managers. We are offering training at all professional stages.

The growth of the early years sector creates an opportunity and a demand for a variety of new childcare offers that also meet the Government’s commitment to developing STEM and outdoors education. 

All this activity is collaborative; the colleges, councils and service providers are working together to meet each other’s needs and to drive an inclusive, responsive and effective programme of expansion. This publication is also collaborative, and we would like to thank our partners for their help in its production.

Janie McCusker

Chair of Glasgow Colleges’ Regional Board


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