GCRB Board Meeting - 25 January 2021

The following papers are non-disclosable at this time:

BM4-D Glasgow Region Review Phase 1 Report

BM4-G Letter of Representation

BM4-H External Audit Annual Report 2019-20

BM4-I Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements 2019-20

BM4-L Recommendations from N&R Committee

BM4-R Minute of N&R Committee 10.12.20

BM4-T Minute of A&A Committee 05.11.20

BM4-U Minute of A&A Committee 03.12.20

BM4-V Minute of A&A Committee 12.01.21

BM4-W Audit and Assurance Committee Annual Report

Session 2020 - 21
Monday, January 25, 2021