Welcome to the Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board

We lead a new regional approach to Glasgow’s college learning and, together, Glasgow’s Colleges are building Scotland’s most inclusive, responsive and effective regional college system.

Ambitious for Glasgow

Glasgow is the UK’s fastest growing city economy and its regional colleges are perfectly placed to support its ambitions for its people and its growth.

Ambitious for learners

College learning can be life-changing and, together, the Glasgow Colleges offer opportunities to those who can benefit most – and contribute most - to the city and its communities.

Ambitious for Colleges

Our colleges’ collective strengths are creating transformative opportunities to share skills and knowledge, widen learning experiences and develop a regionally responsive curriculum.

News and Features

People, Productivity and the Flexible Workforce Development Fund

In its first year, the FWDF has made an increasing impact on the Glasgow College Region’s responsive, effective and career-building training provision.  It is helping to make our city more productive, improve people’s prospects and strengthen economic growth.

City of Glasgow College

Glasgow Clyde College

Glasgow Kelvin College