Co-opted committee members

Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board is always interested in co-opting new members to its committees who may have valuable knowledge and experience to bring to its discussions. 

Co-opted committee members are assigned to one of our committees, which meet on a quarterly basis. As a co-optee, you would attend the Performance and Resources Committee, the Audit and Assurance Committee or the Nominations and Remuneration Committee and join discussions with GCRB members and others, to help inform decision-making around key issues such as the region's financial resources, tertiary education, the regional economy, community engagement, employment matters and climate change. 

GCRB holds recruitment rounds as vacancies arise. If you apply to join the board as a non-executive member and are not selected for current vacancies, the panel may consider whether you would be a suitable candidate for co-option to a committee. You can also contact us directly about co-option if you don't wish to apply to become a full member but would be interested in contributing to the work of the board. 

You may be interested in joining us if you have a strong interest in nurturing the city’s youth and building their skills, supporting the further education sector or you wish to strengthen your own skills, with a voluntary position to build experience.  

We are committed to improving our diversity and representation on GCRB committees and welcome candidates of different backgrounds, experiences, skills and perspectives. As with our board member roles, co-opted positions are voluntary, with reasonable expenses reimbursed. 

Find out more about the role of a co-opted committee member here