Meeting Glasgow’s Ambitions

Meeting Glasgow's Ambitions

Glasgow’s Colleges are perfectly placed to support Glasgow’s ambitions for its people and its economy.

Glasgow already generates £19.3 billion GVA per annum and is the fastest growing major city economy in the United Kingdom. The Glasgow Economic Strategy: 2016-2023 aims to make this the most productive major city in the UK.

Opportunities in Glasgow are immense but we also face social, educational and economic challenges  

  • Too many Glaswegians are unemployed or suffering from long-term sickness.
  • Too many people are stuck in poorly paid jobs and in-work poverty is a growing issue.
  • Too many Glaswegians have low or no qualifications.
  • Despite all the training and employment opportunities that the city offers, it still has the highest levels of deprivation in Scotland.


A powerful college education addresses many of these issues and we are committed to engaging with those people who are furthest from the labour market; helping them overcome barriers to learning and to succeed in college, work and life. 

We are already improving our learners’ lives and life chances. In 2015-16, more than three quarters of the Glasgow Colleges’ learners successfully completed their courses and around 97% of completers progressed into positive destinations. 

Together, the Glasgow Colleges will unlock our region’s human potential, meet employers’ needs and support economic growth.