Code of Good Governance for Scotland's Colleges

The Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act 2013 includes provisions in relation to the identification of principles of good governance practice for the college sector. In anticipation of them coming into effect, the SFC invited the Regional Chairs to convene a Steering Group to develop a Code of Good Governance for Scotland's Colleges.

The Steering Group membership was representative of the diversity of the college sector in Scotland and drew upon the experience of Regional Chairs, Principals, Staff and Student representatives, Trade Unions, NUS and Board Secretaries. 

The Code was approved by the Chair of the SFC on 27 November 2014. In Summer 2016, the Good Governance Steering Group undertook a review and the Code was updated.

The Code was revised again in 2022 with a new version published in September 2022.

Board Appointments Guidance

The Scottish Government issued the final College Sector Board Appointments: 2014 Ministerial Guidance in August 2014.

The guidance aims to:

  • enhance public accountability
  • have boards that are properly equipped to perform the role asked of them to achieve positive outcomes
  • encourage participation from a wide and representative group of individuals
  • generate greater confidence in college governance arrangements

The guidance details the process for the appointment of Board Members to the Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board and also the role of the Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board in the appointment of Board Members to its assigned Colleges.