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The Glasgow region deserves a coherent regional college system, where all its parts and people collaborate productively meeting the skills needs of a dynamic economy and supporting the ambitions of our learners. In October, we launched the Glasgow Region Strategic Plan for College Education. This will unlock regional potential and harness our collective strengths through Four Added-Value Drivers:

1.Sharing skills and knowledge.

2.Offering a coherent and consistent student experience.

3.Developing a regionally responsive curriculum.

4.Building efficient regional structures.

Glasgow will add value to its college system through effective collaboration between the colleges, schools and universities.

Our joint work to deliver a regional curriculum improves the ease and equity with which learners can progress through their learning.

Collaboration with businesses, employers and partners will help build a workforce that will add value and strength to the regional economy. 

Regional college staff will have a greater say in the development of college services across the region. It also increases opportunities for professional development and for sharing best practice across the region. Staff can now make a bigger difference to Glasgow’s economic and social wellbeing.


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