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06 February 2018

Our new Chair shares her vision

Janie McCusker, is delighted to have been appointed as the new Chair of the Glasgow Colleges’ Regional Board.

“I want to realise the region’s full potential by building a truly integrated college system where all our efforts focus on improving the lives and life chances of Glasgow’s people”

At the end of her first month in post, Janie is setting out her priorities for the next four years.

“Building on the groundwork, and structures that are in place, I look forward to working with others in the region to combine our talents and efforts to build a college system that includes learners from all backgrounds and will let Glasgow flourish.”

Janie brings great breadth and depth of experience to the College Region.  A former Chair of West Lothian College, she served in the RAF for 22 years and has also worked in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the United Nations. She has recently completed a term of office with UNICEF as Principal Adviser for Security Coordination.

Our new Chair shares the Scottish Government’s commitment to collaboration as the key to regional success. “Glasgow’s colleges, the Board and all our partners have worked impressively together to build this regional structure. The same collective spirit is the key to achieving our ambition to be Scotland’s most inclusive, responsive and effective college system.”

“Colleges build a lot bridges. The education we offer moves people into work and higher education and, for many of our learners, college is a life-changing opportunity to overcome disadvantage and build better lives. Employers rely on colleges to fill skills gaps and educate a workforce that is equipped for a fast-changing future. Glasgow’s colleges will help to the region to prosper and its people to thrive.”

It is clear that Janie is passionate about inclusion. Having left school with only a few qualifications and building her own career from the ground up, she is ambitious about extending opportunities to all of Glasgow’s potential learners, especially those with barriers to education. “A really successful society gives everyone the chance to learn, build careers and contribute. Colleges are a vital element in that big picture. I’ve joined Glasgow’s College Region because I want to contribute to the inclusive growth of Glasgow and Scotland.”

 Janie is in what she calls “the listening phase”, meeting people throughout the Region and learning about their work and ambitions. “There are so many talented committed people in our college system that it’s bound to succeed. I’m looking forward to connecting with more of our partners in the coming weeks and to including their priorities and ideas in our plans.”