Glasgow’s Regional Strategy for College Learning

In October 2017, the GCRB was proud to launch our first regional strategy for college learning and this was refreshed in 2023 with a new strategic plan to take into account the significant changes in the sector and society during that period. 

Our collective ambition is to build Scotland’s most inclusive, most responsive, and most effective regional college system. Our strategy was developed so that learners of today and tomorrow will be able to power our growing economy, reach their individual potential and make valuable contributions to their communities. A regional approach to college delivery in Glasgow offers a new way of thinking about how we collectively build from our strengths and organise our services to address Glasgow’s long-standing economic and social issues. 

The core focus of this regional strategy is on delivering on three overarching regional priorities: 

  • Students from all backgrounds thrive through the right learning and support in the right place at the right time. 
  • The Glasgow college system is sustainable, responsive and coherent. 
  • Our system leads on delivering economic, social and environment recovery and transformation for the region. 


By harnessing the power of our collective voice, our shared regional skills and knowledge, and our combined regional resources and facilities, we aim to deliver learning which responds more effectively to the needs of our learners and stakeholders, and deliver a more significant impact on regional prosperity than any of the individual institutions could achieve on its own. Our regional approach is intended to benefit learners, educators and employers as a key part of our skills and training system. We seek to focus our work to match the potential of our learners with the needs of our economy and its employers; coordinating, planning, monitoring and working for the benefit of Glasgow’s learners and their communities.