Ambitious for Learners

Ambitious for learners

50,000 people learn in the Glasgow Colleges each year and each of their journeys is unique and important. 

Learning is life-changing and it is our aim to offer its opportunities to those who can benefit most. We are committed to attracting people who are furthest from the labour market, or who face barriers to learning. This commitment will improve our regional vocational skill levels and create better employment opportunities for our learners.

Our seven learning priorities.

We will:

  1. Engage with all our communities and provide the highest quality facilities and resources for learning.
  2. Offer engaging leaning experiences to develop skills for life, learning and work.
  3. Promote high quality and innovative learning, teaching and assessment.
  4. Deliver and inclusive supportive student experience that includes excellence guidance and learner support.
  5. Encourage all students to enhance their learning as individuals, representatives and officers in strong student associations.
  6. Provide more opportunities for learners to develop skills in real work environments.
  7. Offer clear pathways into work and further study; supporting learners into positive destinations.