Glasgow College Region gears up to expand training

Glasgow College Region gears up to expand training

All three colleges in the Glasgow College Region are playing major parts in developing the depth and breadth of training that the Government’s Expansion Agenda demands. City of Glasgow will be responsible for delivering an additional 500 learning credits in this academic year alone.

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The college has geared up impressively to meet these volumes and to offer inspiring and innovative approaches to learning and teaching the early years curriculum.

•Tackling the gender gap, COGC continues to expand its Men into Childcare programmes and is offering increased ‘fast track’, part time Level 7 courses that allow students to qualify while keeping their ‘day jobs’. Next year, a ‘fast track’ part time National Certificate course in 2018-19 will also increase access options.

•In 2018-19, the college will offer a new, one-year Foundation Apprenticeship to senior phase school students; attracting more young entrants into the profession.

•The college and its partner employers have developed the Modern Apprenticeships programmes and COGC is now a major provider of excellent provision.

•Inclusive, responsive and effective options for continuous professional development are a crucial part of the expansion programme. In strong partnerships with employers, placement providers and practitioners, the college has increased its offer of flexible studies at Levels 7 and 8 and plans to launch a part time level 9 course next year.

While COGC is delivering impressive volumes of training, it also has ambitious plans to pursue excellence and variety in its offer. 

•With partners, the college is developing new projects around simulated and practice learning.

•COGC, is working with World Skills teams to develop and host an early years and Childcare Skills Competition for students and apprentices. The college is currently ranked top in Scotland in the World Skills Competition.  

•The college is enhancing digital and STEM skills in the curriculum and within the current workforce. 


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